St. Augustine Beachside is a new e-magazine that will showcase the events, profiles and stories of life on our island. It will be emailed FREE to all subscribers weekly (to start) and feature content written by locals and local island businesses. 
Our island has so much to offer. Events, nature, lifestyle and more. St. Augustine Beachside (or Beachside for short) will bring life on the island to life. Uniquely, we'll be looking for stories from everyone, authors and beginners alike. We love digestible stories of only 300 words on an event or upcoming festival or concert. Stories from you about the good parts of living on the island, kayaking or surfing, a charitable event or the good work they do. We'll also invite island businesses to profile their story and how they help the community.

So subscribe (for free) now. Click below to submit a story or event. This will be a truly organic e-magazine publication starting November 18th. Cheers!
You are Invited to Contribute...Content
The magic of Beachside will be the content of stories written by locals. Beachside articles are digestible in size, normally around 300 words. 300 words is not long or hard to either write or read. It may be about the best of the beach life, about one of the many attractions on the island from the lighthouse to surfing or an upcoming local market, event or festival. Or perhaps tips and tricks for seating at the Amphitheatre or the best times and ways to visit the Alligator Farm. Anything you think our readers might enjoy, we want to consider it. Don't be afraid. This is a fun project!

To submit a story, take a look at this form before you write it. It will guide you and make it easy to submit. PLEASE GO TO OUR FAQ SECTION BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR FIRST STORY.

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